Agriturismo Sant Angelo
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The Coast

Day trip in the Tuscan Coast "Argentario" sea: 2 hours from Sant'Angelo

The Tuscan coast boasts beautiful beaches and enchanting towns. 
Worth visiting in this area are the cities of Orbetello which sits on an island between two lagoons, Porto S. Stefano a charming fishing village, Porto Ercole with its beautiful port. Monte Argentario offers one of the most beautiful National Parks in Italy where Mediterranean vegetation. 
Panorama of the sea and the Island of Giglio are superb.

Day trip in Tarquinia and Montalto: 1 hour from Sant'Angelo

Tarquinia: the heart of Southern Etruria, Etruscan capital, mediaeval township, archaeological site of international fame and an intense cultural life, rises 133m above sea-level on a plateau from which it scenically overlooks the Marta River valley and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Montalto di Castro: According to legend, Montalto was founded in the 5th century A.D. by the inhabitants of a coastal city who withdrew to the small elevation where the ancient village now stands, in order to defend themselves from raids by pirates and then the incursions of the Saracens.


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