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SAN CASCIANO DEI BAGNI: Fonteverde thermal baths (10% -15% discount for our guests) to 10 minutes by car from Sant’Angelo farmhouse. For more infos our guests can ask to: FONTEVERDE SPA RESORTS - localita' Terme 1 - 53040 - San Casciano dei Bagni (Siena) - Italy
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The thermal Center is nestled among rolling Tuscan hills and in the impressive Amiata mountain, an incomparable landscape. Its waters contain sulphur, calcium, fluorine and magnesium and leave the spring at a temperature of 42° C. They have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and relaxing properties, they give skin luminous and smooth appearance and increase muscle tone.
This Spa received 2 important recognitions: the first is from “the Leading hotels of the world” for Fonteverde as the best Italian Spa and among the best 10 Spas in the world, and the second the Crystal awards 2006 to Fonteverde as best Italian Spa awarded by the famous American Magazine Spa Finder.
Among the gently rolling hills which surround Siena, in an enchanting corner of Tuscany unequalled in its splendour, and close to the medieval village of San Casciano dei Bagni, flow the hot water springs of Fonteverde, famous since ancient times for their beneficial effects.
The recently opened spa resort of Centro Termale has a large open-air pool with a waterfall which acts as a natural hydromassage, a jet hydromassage and underwater seating to be enjoyed in all seasons and to help you fully appreciate the beneficial properties of these waters. Draw on these natural resources to rediscover the harmony between body and soul. Relish the effects of a hot water massage in the thermal pool followed by a program of specialised treatments to put you back in form. A manual massage, a hydromassage, water jets, a 'Four Hand' massage under a thermal shower: the virtues of a revitalising bath in thermal waters rich in natural properties is combined with the latest techniques in hydrotherapy treatments. The waters tone and regenerate. The precious substances contained in the thermal waters of Fonteverde quickly help to rehydrate the skin and to improve its toning and elasticity. The beauty treatments on offer, combine with great efficacy, innovative and personalised formulas and techniques that take full advantage of the synergy of the active natural elements. Some of the main activities in this territory are the breeding of the chianina, a typical local bovine breed, known for the famous Fiorentina steack, the olive oil production and the production of wine. Beyond, San Casciano dei Bagni there is the spa resort very famous since Etruscan and Roman times. Our guests have the possibility to organize unforgettable trips in the nearby villages, such as Cetona, Città della Pieve, Pienza, Montepulciano, Montalcino, Radicofani and tours in the marvellous cities of Siena, Firenze, Perugia, Orvieto and Roma.

TERME DEI PAPI (Papal Thermal Baths):
The thermal district of Viterbo us undoubtedly one of the most important in Italy. It was already famous during the era of Pope Gregory IX (1235) who went to Viterbo to cure his calculosis.
The thermal baths of Viterbo are also cited many times in Dante’s Divina Commedia. The curative effect of these waters was so appreciated by Pope Niccolo V, founder of the Vatican Library, that he ordered a building to be erected where he could comfortably spent his stay. From the moment the complex was named TERME DEI PAPI (Papal Thermal Baths).
The Spa Viterbo’s springs, which are about 3 km away from the town, lie scarred round a central area called Bullicame which Dante quoted few times in his Divine Comedy. The romans knew this place quite well, so much so, they built here their spas of which evidence remains to us in the ruins of some monuments.
The benefits of the waters seem one of the indispensable medicines to help retain the bio-psychic equilibrium so often altered by the daily stress.
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SATURNIA: Terme di Saturnia is situated at the base of the medieval village of Saturnia, at the heart of Tuscany. This thermal pool is over three thousand years old and people from far and wide come here each year to revitalize themselves. This Tuscan countryside is full of history. It was an Etruscan settlement during the last thousand years before Christ. You can get a glimpse of their lives through the archaeological sites, fortresses and villages that surround this region.
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Chianciano, well known since the times of the Etruscans for its beneficial waters, is still today an extremely important reference point in the Italian thermal scene. Thanks to its springs, "Santa", "Fucoli", and "Sillene", the center is able to provide mineral water treatments that have detoxicating, curative, and diuretic properties. Hand in hand with traditional treatments, this thermal center offers innovative esthetic, therapeutic, back-in-shape treatments, making use of medical equipment and highly qualified specialists. INFOS: Chianciano Terme (Siena) -
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The waters of the "San Filippo Thermal Baths" sulfureo-solfate-bicarbonate, hyper thermal at 52 degrees Celsius, together with natural mud baths are utilized in this establishment for balneotherapy, inhalation therapy, aerosol, ionized aerosol, ultrasonic aerosol, facial masks and filiform showers for the cure of the pathologies of the cardio-respiratory system, dermatological pathologies, and others. At the "Terme San Filippo", imperfections of the face and body can be cured by means of hydromassage in multiple tubs, peelings with thermal baths sediments, massages with a Vicky shower, reducing or anti-cellulite body mud bath treatments, and face masks with filiform shower. 
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Situated south of San Quirico, Bagni Vignoni has been a popular holiday spot since Roman times. Spread on a hill above Val d'Orcia, Bagni Vignoni derives its name from the 11th century castle that still towers over the village. The thermal baths are architecturally inviting with a porch-type bridge built over the water. This water is then transferred from the bath to the many thermal houses that line the village. The water then passes through mills located on the banks of the river. Bagni Vignoni has been a favourite holiday hotspot for many centuries. 
INFOS: little village under San Quirico d'Orcia town (Siena) 
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