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Perugia, Assisi

Perugia and Assisi a special day trip 1 hour from Sant'Angelo agriturismo.

PERUGIA: The city of Perugia stands at roughly 500 metres above sea level on a heavily sloping hill.
The city is built over and between the risings of this hill and looks over the surrounding valley from a series of broad vantage points.
The inhabitants of Perugia occupy the ancient city centre, which dates back to the Etruscans and Romans and is closed by ancient walls, as well as in a considerably more modern but still pleasant area of the city.

Assisi: the Holy City for the Christians, is always the destination for those pilgrims who want to see the places where Saint Francis was born, was active, and where, near the Porziuncola, he died on October 4th, 1226.
In this little town, laid on the spurs of Mount Subasio, it is normal that everything does remind of Saint Francis, even the most unrelated things to him and His Sister Poverty.
The Basilic of Saint Francis was inaugurated in 1253 by Pope Innocenzo IV. 


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