Agriturismo Sant Angelo
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Food and Wine


- Olive Oil (Extra Virgin): Extra virgin olive oil is produced naturally, meaning that the oil is not made from any sort of chemical treatments. Virgin oil is also an indication that the oil is not refined, that they are of a higher quality and retain their natural flavor. The method for extracting the oil is what is known as “cold pressed,” which keeps the oil from losing its flavor that can be lost when exposed to high temperatures. 
- Wine
- Vegetables
- Fruits
- Honey
- Eggs

Our guests can eat special menu in the farm with our products.

In an elegant country home, Diana offers cooking classes for individuals, groups, families who would like to further their knowledge of Italian cooking, its techniques, recipes and culinary tradition.
- The course costs 130,00 Euros per person with a minimum of 2 participants to a maximum of 6 participants. 
- 3 Hours: for a complete menu.

All rates are per person and include classes in cooking, technical equipment and ingredients, and lunch with Tuscan wines. 
These courses are available from 01 April to 30 June and from 01 Sepetember to 30 November. 
The number of places is limited to 2-4 participants each course. If there are more than 6 participants we repeat the course during the day: 1 in the morning and another in the afternoon or the day after.
In a week it is possible to have 3 cooking classes for a maximum of 9 hours.

To Diana’s farmhouse for a hands-on cooking class:
 In her kitchen, you’ll discover how to prepare italian traditional dishes. 
There are many examples of menus: the full list is available upon arrival at the farm.
The menu might includes: starters, pizza, pasta, meat and fish.
 Dishes like: bucatini all’Amatriciana, pasta e ceci, as well as meat dishes, parmigiana and
desserts and special cakes.

Lunch or Dinner: Finally, the food prepared during the class is served for a leisurely lunch, accompanied by our local wine.
Customize Your Class: It's possible to change the cooking class to suit your own dietary needs or culinary interests.

- Besciamella Sauce
- Arrabbiata Sauce
- Ragù
- Fettuccine
- Gnocchi
- Meat Broth (brodo di carne)
- Basic Italian Pizza Dough (pasta della pizza)

- Risotto allo zafferano;
- Risotto ragù and mushrooms
- Gnocchi al Ragù
- Lasagne 
- Zuppa di ceci

- polpette;
- galantina;
- arrosto;
- spezzatino con patate;
- lenticchie e salcicce;
- fagioli e salcicce;

- Breaded Sea Bass Fillet;
- spaghetti allo scoglio;
- risotto alla pescatora;

- ciambellone;
- tiramisù;
- zuppa inglese;
- cantucci;
- bavarese all’ananas

Special food festivals during the Summer for these local products:  Valentano chick peas, Onano lentils and Gradoli’s famous beans of purgatory, to Proceno garlic, Canino Asparagus, Acquapendente special cereal called “farro del Pungolo” and Bolsena tomatoes, Monte Rufeno Honey.
The best-known local quality wines are: Aleatico from Gradoli and Est!Est!Est! from Montefiascone.
The Alta Tuscia Wine Route linking: Acquapendente, Proceno, Onano, Bolsena, San Lorenzo Nuovo, Gradoli, Grotte di Castro, Latera and Valentano, was set up to promote: “gastronomic tourism”.
The area is no less famous for its olive oil, especially the oil made around Lake Bolsena and in Canino.
Good local cheeses are also to be found, for example pecorino, one by-product of local sheep-farming activities.
As for desserts, many of the local biscuits, cakes and pastries, made using local ricotta cheese, nuts and so on, are associated with yearly festivals (Carnival and Easter in particular).


Wine: Aleatico and San Giovese.
Price: eur 35,00 per person menu for lunch or dinner + wine.