Agriturismo Sant Angelo
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Medieval and Etruscan Tuscany


The town of tuff are located to 20 minutes from Sant'Angelo farmhouse.

SORANO: The country, rich of testimonies that attest his origin etrusca as the other places in the outskirtses, it is born in a very picturesque position that enchants whoever you are stopped to visit it. 

SOVANA: Suana is the name given to the Etruscan city by the Romans after their conquest of the Vulci territory in 278 B.C. The name derives from the Etruscan Suf, meaning green earth. We can confidently describe Sovana as the most perfectly preserved medieval town in Maremma, as well as one of the most beautiful.
The town of Sovana is perhaps one of the few places in Italy where the historical centre forms the total urbanisation of the town. It is a concentration of monuments which define its antique splendour. 

PITIGLIANO: On a high rocky spur in the Maremman hills of Grosseto, bordered by two waterways, the Meleta and the river Lente, lies the town of Pitigliano. For those who arrive on the SS74 road from Albinia, the sudden discovery of the town when turning the corner at the church of Madonna delle Grazie, has an almost surreal impact.
he houses, constructed on the very edge of the vertical cliff face, rise above the colourful tufa rock in sharp contrast with the green of the valley below, giving Pitigliano its extraordinary appearance - it is said to be one of the most photographed towns in Europe. 
THE JEWISH COMMUNITY: The Jewish presence in Pitigliano is securely documented in the XVI century, and increased when Jewish communities were expelled from the Papal State in the 1550s and from Florence in 1595.

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