Agriturismo Sant Angelo
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Quality Certification


What distinguishes “ Qualità Agriturist” is its dedication to preserving and making known the unique traditions and qualities of our territory. “Qualità Agriturist” guaranties the quality of agriturismo service from the following points of view:

- HOSPITALITY: At each agriturismo guests will find information regarding cultural, historical and logistical aspects of the area, as well as brochures featuring all of the other agriturismos that are part of “Qualità Agriturist”. Our staff will be happy to give you a guided visit around the farm explaining its special characteristies. Each guest will have the opportunity to express their opinion, evaluating their stay on the form furnished in eache room. These evaluations help us to improve our service so as to better meet the needs of our guests.

- ENVIRONMENT: The structures that make up our farms all adhere to the local rural typography. They are well marked so that guests can easily find their way around while the grounds and gardens are well taken care of.

- STAFF: Our personnel are well trained and able to help and serve guests, whatever their needs.

- LOCAL PRODUCTS: Our menus are based on the local culinary traditions and seasonally prepared with foods raised and grown on our farms. Guests may purchase these home grown products such as extra virgin olive oil, wine, grains, lentils, tomatoes, fresh fish from Bolsena Lake, garlie, asparagus, potatoes, honey, hand-made pottery and many others.

The agriturisms that make “Qualità Agriturist” are located in a marvellous corner of Italy: the Tuscia a territory which in its northern part borders both Toscana and Umbria. It is considered the cradle of the mysterious Etruscan civilization. The land of Tuscia is blessed with a rich natural and cultural heritage including: the Etruscan Necropoli, Roman Ruins, Palaces, Castles, Natural Reserve, Hot Water springs and Sacred Festivals. Knowing this fact well, a group of “Agriturismo” professionals in Etruria united to form “ Agriturist Qualità” – an organization that guarantees the people interested in our territory, the highest level of service to accomodate tourists with a uniform standard of quality that meets all certified standards of excellence in this field. In a Region that embraces the Mediterranean Sea, lovely lakes, rolling hills and majestic mountains, “ Qualità Agriturist” can offer an enriching vacation to the tourist in which they can choose from a wide range of panoramas in Etruria. Each “Agriturismo” is delightful and unique on its own and yet adheres to a body of established standards of exellence governing every aspect of our guest’s stay in Italy. We guarantee the highest professionalism and look forward to hosting your clients in the mids of beautiful Etruria.

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