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Francigena and Rome

Tuscia is an area of great cultural, natural and gastronomic interest in northernmost Lazio, bounded to the north and the east by Tuscany and Umbria.
It was at the beginning of the first millennium that Europe witnessed pilgrims flocking along the sacred routes to reach the holy places of the Christian religion, and in particular Rome. Of the various roads that led to Rome, the Francigena road was undoubtedly of prime importance.
Men travelled along this road, bringing with them their culture, emblems and languages, and even today many signs and memories of these journeys can still be found in the Viterbo area.
The Francigena road acrossed the Province from Acquapendente to Monterosi via Viterbo itself and in some points coincides with the old Cassia ( a main Roman road). It’s interesting to see how through the centuries the Roman “statio” (resting places) were replaced by inns for pilgrims and how merchants, soldiers and emperors have always left behind some sign or written record of their journey or stay.

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