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Lake Bolsena

LAKE BOLSENA is 10 minutes south-west of Sant'Angelo

The lake gives the unique opportunity to visit historical and archeological sites combined 
with outdoor activities such as biking around the lake, sailing or simply enjoying the beaches. 
We recommend two itineraries:
Itinerary 1 
Includes visiting the towns of Bolsena, Montefiascone and Marta.

Itinerary 2 
Includes a visit to the towns of Grotte di Castro , Gradoli and Capodimonte. In Capodimonte it is possible also take a boat tour to explore the two historical islands of Martana and 

For more information you can visit:

The town Bolsena sits at the eastern edge of the Lake Bolsena, a volcanic lake formed by an eruption 250,000 years ago. Worth visiting are the Castle, the Complex of S. Cristina with its fourth century catacombs, eleventh century basilica and baroque church. Bolsena has also been known since Roman times for its wine and eel. 

Festivals & Events: 
Tuesday mornings Food market 
June The Flower Carpets Pageant 
Lake Fish Festival

A fascinating journey through the millenarian history of Alta Tuscia, discovering ancient treasures.
Alta Tuscia is an area between Tuscany and Umbria that once was the cradle of the ancient and mysterious Etruscan civilization.
This region is rich in every interesting archaeological sites, such as the Museum of Bolsena, the tombs town of Pianezze, near Grotte di Castro or the Turona Archaeological Park near Bolsena. Visiting these places, the tourist goes back to an area that developed 3000 yards ago, centuries before Rome was born.


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